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Riding Executive

The Niagara Centre Federal Liberal Association is a grass-roots organization that makes Liberal Party principles and policies widely known and understood. It seeks to represent the political views and policy interests, of our local members within the realm of Federal Politics.

The primary means of doing this is by nominating and supporting a Liberal candidate to run and win a seat in parliament, in the next federal election. Our mission is also achieved through sending delegates to national conventions to further the policy goals of our membership and to participate in leadership debates within the Liberal Party.

Our membership is also represented by the local president who conducts meetings with local community members and fellow riding-presidents to establish productive links across Canada. This riding’s regular business is maintained by a focused Executive Board in conjunction with numerous independent sub-committees. We encourage participation by all–as it is reflected in the composition of the board of directors — dedicated men, women, seniors and youth.

Beyond our common goals, members of the Niagara Centre Federal Liberal Association constitute a social network that has developed into a community of respect and fun activity. We welcome new ideas and new members!

Want to get involved? Feel free to contact your area Vice-President or myself at anytime.


Liberally Yours,


William Foote


Niagara Centre Federal Liberal Association